Dady’s Birthday

Today is daddy’s birthday. After work, daddy and mummy drove us to a restaurant called Templestowe Hotel for a buffet dinner. when we arrived at the restaurant, we went inside to sign in and sat at the 1st table. After we put our staff on the table, my mum, Trina and I went to wash our hands. afterwards we went to get food from the restaurant service table. When we finished eating our food, we went to a man who gave out balloons. Finally we spent some time in the playground inside the restaurant, before we went home.

Happy birthday daddy!

Dinosaur Park Day

On Sunday my family and I went to Dinosaur Park. Firstly my dad drove us to the Dinosaur Park. When we arrived, we signed in in a shop at the entrance so we could look at the dinosaurs. After that, we finished walking around to see dinosaurs. When we finished we saw a dinosaur playground. We played a while and then we went inside a house where we saw sandpits that had dinosaur bones hidden inside. When we went inside to play, my dad said,” when it’s 11:30 a dinosaur would come at the playground”. Then when we finished tapping the dinosaur my dad said,” let’s have a ride on a train around the Christmas tree”, so we did it. Finally we went to hungry Jack’s to eat.


Riding My Bike

On Thursday the 10th of April my dad, Trina and I went to Mount View Primary School at the year five place. Firstly Trina and I rode our bikes to the big kids playground. Next we rode back to my dad under the shade and we played frisbee. Then Trina and I played with a ball. Finally we rode our bikes home and my dad walked alongside with us. I felt happy because I like to ride my bike.

Chestnut Day

On Sunday the 7th of April my family and I went to a chestnut farm called Bella-Vista farm.

Firstly, my family and I went inside the farmhouse to get a bucket in order to put nuts inside. Next we went down a hill from the farmhouse and we need to find nuts inside a shell. The shell was on the trees so we climbed up the trees to retrieve the shell. Then my dad climbed up a tree and he got a lot of nuts inside the shell. My dad thew a shell to my mum, who grabbed a stick to open the shell.After that, my friend called Annabelle came pick chestnut too. I saw Annabelle have a little bit of nuts so I helped her find big nuts on the trees. Finally my family and I went back home to eat chestnut. I felt happy because I like to help my mum and dad.