Chestnut Day

On Sunday the 7th of April my family and I went to a chestnut farm called Bella-Vista farm.

Firstly, my family and I went inside the farmhouse to get a bucket in order to put nuts inside. Next we went down a hill from the farmhouse and we need to find nuts inside a shell. The shell was on the trees so we climbed up the trees to retrieve the shell. Then my dad climbed up a tree and he got a lot of nuts inside the shell. My dad thew a shell to my mum, who grabbed a stick to open the shell.After that, my friend called Annabelle came pick chestnut too. I saw Annabelle have a little bit of nuts so I helped her find big nuts on the trees. Finally my family and I went back home to eat chestnut. I felt happy because I like to help my mum and dad.

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