Lake Mountain

On Sunday my family, Trevor’s friend Gary and my mum’s friend Susan went to Lake Mountain. Firstly, my dad drove us there including Susan and Gary. It took dad 2 hours to drive to Lake Mountain so we needed some sleep before we arrived.

When we arrived we went out of the car and it was freezing outside so we put our beanies and jackets on. next we went to a building that had lots of tables to eat on and it was warm inside. At first, we went to the toilets to wash our hands. Then we went to eat. I ate chicken, vegetables and one sandwich that had been cut in 4 triangles and it had butter inside.

When we all finished eating we put our snow clothes on and I also put my rain coat. My dad helped put on my snow pants. Next, when we finished putting our snow clothes on, dad, Trevor and Gary went outside to get our sleds in the back of our car. Then they came back holding our sleds. We went outside too and we went through a reception. When we went outside, there was the snow slide! I first went with our dad and Trina went with our mum. Trevor and Gary went with Susan.

When we slide down 3 times, we swapped around. Now I was with my mum and Trina was with our dad. We slide down 3 times again, dad, mum, Trina and I wen to build a snowman. Our snowman was very small and the eyes were sticks because we couldn’t find any black buttons. Then we went to a smaller snow slide. It was not the same that we slide before. It was another one.

When I slide down I went to go to the edge of the snow slide but I didn’t fall off my sled. I went 7 times with racing with Trevor and 4 times racing with Susan. I slid 11 times before we went home.

I felt happy because I liked going to the edge of the snow slide. I would like to go to Lake Mountain again.

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