Lakes Entrance

Eric drove us to Lakes Entrance. When we got there, we started to catch crab. Then we ate afternoon lunch that was sandwich. When we finished, we went to catch crabs again and me, Trina and Hana went to play sandcastles. We caught lots of crabs and then we went to a new house for people to live in only one day. It was 3 stories tall! Then we ate dinner that was noodles, crabs, vegetables, pizza and meat. When we finished eating, we took a shower and went to sleep in my sleeping bag.

When it was the next morning, I dressed up and went down stairs to eat my breakfast witch was egg, milk, mandarin and bread. then Eric, Gary, Trevor and Albert went to catch crabs again. Me, Hana, Ivy, Susan, Sue, Albert’s mum, Albert’s Grandma. I brushed my teeth, played video games on Sue’s i-pad and played hide and seek with Susan, Hana, Ivy and Trina. Soon Eric, Gary, Trevor and Elbert came back with lots of crabs to eat. We packed our things and went on Eric’s car. We went to the beach and played on the sand. Elbert’s family and Gary came in a different car because there were not enough seats. When we finished playing, we went on the car again and went to McDonalds to have Afternoon lunch. Then we went home.

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